Ludicrous Musings We humbly offer a smattering of articles from the serious and satirical pen of the 1ceman. If you wear white shirts and skinny ties, conduct internal audits and take your job seriously, please bear in mind that satire may be injurious to your pompous personality. It may be too late for you to get a life, so you will have to content yourself with bitter retrospection on your abject, purposeless existence.
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CREATESPACE - Amazon's publishing arm happily offers all four novels in print-on-demand (if only there was more demand!) and Kindle-book format (though paperbacks make better kindling). Click here for a PDF preview of The American Pope. Click here for a PDF preview of Sullivan's Travels. Click here for a PDF preview of Sullivan's Law. Click here for a PDF preview of Sullivan's Thaw.
Click here if you are looking for our wholly- disowned YouTube Music Video subsidiary. Live First Friday performances by Albany-area artists.
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE There is more to life than Internal Control (believe it or not). Go to - home to a growing body of alleged wisdom and purported delight - including the 1ceman's dual-debut novels, and ongoing nature photography/ videography. This includes photos from Five River, featured periodically in the Albany Times Union.
First Mink of Winter Just in time for Christmas, a do-it-yourself mink coat, courtesy of Five Rivers Environmental Education Center. You will have to lure it home first. In the meantime,how about a quick look at the little scamp, in HD video (or 480=DVD quality). 1080p HD 720p HD 480 MP4

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