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You have stumbled onto the home page of 1ceman.com - a humble, albeit exciting domain on the worldwide web. 1ceman, where Internal Control is Number One.  If you are really into Internal Control check out our companion website: Internal-Control

Internal Control Association
If you are looking for the New York State Internal Control Association, (NYSICA) click on the button at left, to go to their new domain (NYSICA.COM).  NYSICA is a nationally recognized resource for government- related internal control information.  

Other Resources
For other useful links to internal control sites, and worthwhile publications, (including the humorous guide to Low Performance Organizations), click the IC-IA Link button at left.

Time to Get Organized
There is more to life than Internal Control (believe it or not).  Click on the button at left to go to www.timotoole.org  - home to a growing body of wisdom and delight - including the 1ceman's dual-debut novels, and ongoing nature photography/videography. This includes photos featured periodically in the Albany Times Union.

Control Self-Assessment
For a free Powerpoint demonstration of this management technique endorsed by progressive industry and honest government, click the CSA button at left.


Ludicrous Musings
We humbly offer a smattering of articles from the serious and satirical pen of the 1ceman.
If you wear white shirts and skinny ties, conduct internal audits and take your job seriously, please bear in mind that satire may be injurious to your pompous personality.


It may be too late for you to get a life, so you will have to content yourself with bitter retrospection on your purposeless existence.

O'Toole Clan Photos
Click on the O2L button at left, to begin a tour of this famous American family.

Northeast Nature Photos
Click on nature photos for some spectacular views of the flora and fauna of New York's Capital District.

Unlike Audubon's Birds, no wildlife was slaughtered in the process of making these photographs.

But wait!  There's still more.  Not just Ginsu knives.  Click on  www.timotoole.org for a look-see at more Albany-area wildlife.


Digital Photos
Here's the 1ceman's latest batch of digital photos (taken with either a FujiFilm 1.3 megapixel camera, or an Olympus 2.1 megapixel camera. Photos have been downsized and compressed from their original size to save on web space.

Confused about pixels? Click here for a succinct look at the prevailing formats for computer monitors and digital cameras alike. 3:1 optical zoom plus $100 gets you at least 12 megapixels these days (now 14 megapixels is common and affordable). (Adobe PDF file going rapidly out of date - 13 KB)

Not sure about switching from film to digital photography?
Click here for a three-page discussion of pros vs. cons, and a common sense approach to good pictures.

This just in - GoDaddy.com just gave me a sweet deal on unlimited web space at a ridiculously low price.  So click here for Ozymandias's home page for a growing section of cyber space devoted to digital photography.  We are now in the 12 to 14 megapixel class, so "unlimited" will come in handy.

Desktop Publishing
Sure, you can dress up your publications with digital photos, but there are others ways to package your words. Here are three compact MS Word documents which demonstrate how to use that ubiquitous word processor to mimic the expensive features of professional desktop publishing software.

Yes, you may use these as templates to display your own poignant prose.

Right click, then Save As.

You're welcome.


Soup Group International - It's Here!


At long last, we offer you the 1ceman's own variation on the Vietnamese delicacy - Phð Gà. That's chicken soup in Saigon.

And, at no extra charge, his award-winning
Pâté de Foie Québecois
. (save the giblets!)

Just click on either link for a PDF view of these two French-influenced dishes, enjoyed by the original gourmet group started in 1991.



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